Fuerteventura, an hourglass island, where hidden among its deserts, its white dunes stand out as the main attraction for the visitor. Serving as a nexus and refreshment from the incessant sunny days, the wind softens the intense light in a desert landscape, an exile for many, in the past due to its orography and apparent solitude, and home to many others due to its warm welcome.

Not without forgetting that it proudly holds the title of Biosphere Reserve, a history full of pirates, and a pleasant tranquillity today for those who seek to get lost among its sandy deserts, or in contrast, a great social life with its commercial surfaces and leisure in its most touristic enclaves.

Fuerteventura, brimming with tranquillity, is the home of good gastronomy with award-winning cheeses, always linked to the sea and its winds.

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Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste is one of the main tourist areas in Fuerteventura. Two golf courses, spa centres, a wide range of stores and numerous leisure areas.

This tourist area was built around a natural cove protected from the waves and the wind, turning into a beach. Fine golden sand and pristine water, protected from the waves like not many others on the island, which makes it the ideal place for a family holiday. In addition, Caleta de Fuste has many calm and peaceful coves.

This area is also known as El Castillo (the Castle). The tallest building is Torre Fortaleza, a fortress from the 18th Century, located at the entrance of the bay, a beautiful sample of military architecture built to defend the island.

Caleta de Fuste has a small port. Next to the beach, there is a wide range of water activities, canoeing, water bikes, diving, boat and submarine rides, a diving school, a windsurf school, etc.


Corralejo is one of the main tourist areas of Fuerteventura, located at the north end of the island. Its beautiful coast is in the Natural Park of Corralejo, an idyllic spot formed by dunes of white sand and crystalline waters.

The old part of the village surrounds the “little wharf”, which used mainly the fishermen of the town until many years ago. This area of Corralejo has a small and comfortable beach, now surrounded by restaurants and other shops. In this area you will find the Tourist Office of Corralejo.

A few meters away you will find the sports harbor of Corralejo, with boat and jet ski rental and other activities. Somewhat more distant is the dock for the ferries that unite Fuerteventura with Lanzarote.

Corralejo has a wide range of leisure activities. Shopping centers, amusement parks, restaurants, shops, pubs, nightclubs … Corralejo is one of the tourist towns with more services and alternatives of leisure in Fuerteventura. But undoubtedly the greatest charm of Corralejo are its beaches. Alzada, Bajo Negro, Corralejo … kilometers of fine sandy beaches where you can relax or practice water sports.

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