Crowned by the sun, grateful land formed between sea and lava, Lanzarote, the easternmost island of the Canary archipelago. Breathing humility throughout its 845.93 km², it proudly displays the gifts given by the union of a stormy sea and a strong sun who decided to witness its emergence.

Lanzarote, built by the warmth of its people, who have carefully carved the roads in a wounded land that kept a latent oasis inside. An island, where the visitor, always well received, breathes a climate full of contrasts, mixing in moments of history that takes them to the easternmost corner of the archipelago where the passage of time does not leave a trace.

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Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen, located in the municipality of Tías, has been called the main tourist area for excellence of the island. Originally derived from a fishing village known as La Tiñosa, the enclave grew from its beginnings in tourism in the 1960s, to become and lay the foundations of what it offers today.

Its quiet beaches, where the visitor can shelter from long sunny days, as well as the many restaurants, pubs and leisure centers located along its 7km of extension, make the tourist enclave the perfect choice as a holiday destination.


Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen

Playa Blanca

Located in the south of the island, Playa Blanca enjoys its tourist prosperity supported by a myriad of virtues, offering a modern resort and recreation that, together with its erosive beauty, attract the visitor.

Its immense central avenue has been specially designed and disposed of an atmosphere of continuous jubilation that accompanies the visitor and becomes whispers as it progresses on its way to the most southerly point of the island, finally gaining immense calm upon arrival to the Lighthouse of Pechiguera.

Surrounded by volcanic landscapes, coloured with its attractive offer, the sun and its magical beaches, Playa Blanca offers for all those who decide to embrace a warm summer every day of the year.

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