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New conditions of access to hotels in the Canary Islands

As of November 14, 2020, in order to access tourist accommodation establishments in the Canary Islands, guests over six years of age, not from the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, must demonstrate the completion, within a maximum period of 72 hours prior to their arrival, of a diagnostic test proving that the host has tested negative as a COVID-19 transmitter.

The test must be approved by the health authorities of their country, or the European Union, and must contain the date and time of the test, the identity data of the person, the centre authorised and responsible for the verification and the negative result. This may be presented in digital or paper format.

To travel to Spain, the guest must complete the health control form indicated by the Government of Spain. As of November 23, they must also present a diagnostic test for active infection for SARSCoV-2 with a negative result if their origin is a country considered at risk.

The certificate of completion of the diagnostic test should not be presented in the following cases:

  1. a) Residents of the Canary Islands who declare under their responsibility that they have not left the Canarian archipelago in the 15 days prior to their arrival at the hotel.
  2. b) Visitors and non-residents of the Canary Islands, able to prove, by means of their travel document, that they have stayed in the Canary Islands for the 15 days prior to the date of access to the tourist establishment.

Both Canarian residents and visitors must declare that they have not presented symptoms compatible with COVID-19 in the 15 days prior to their arrival at the hotel. The tourist establishments will deny access to any person who does not comply with the conditions described above.

It is mandatory for people to download and keep active the RADAR COVID infection alert mobile application during their stay on the islands, as well as the 15 days immediately following their return to their place of origin.

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Online Check-in:

To carry out the Check-in online, it is essential that clients provide their email address when the reservation is made. The confirmation and reservation code will then be sent to this email address. Once the client receives the code, they can Check-in from their mobile device or on our website ( If Check-in is completed online, clients will only need to show ID to the receptionist to confirm entry. If Check-in is not done online, the following options will be offered to the client: Traditional check-in.

Social distancing measures:

Meal shifts in the restaurant service must be reserved upon arrival at the hotel. The Restaurant service will be divided into 3 shifts of 1 hour each: Breakfast: 8:00/9:00/10:00, Lunch: 12:30/13:30/14:30,  Dinner: 18:30/19:30/20:30.

Only those in the same group or sharing a room are allowed in the same lift. Otherwise, access in one at a time.

Cleaning and hygiene:

There will be a disinfection station at the main door, for which there will be compulsory use for anyone entering the hotel, the reception, bars, restaurants, lifts and offices.

When the client arrives at the hotel, a disinfectant mat for shoes and luggage wheels will be available at the entrance of the building.

The reception will be equipped with two protective screens in the client service areas.

Before using hammocks in the solarium, it will be necessary to contact the lifeguard, who will then indicate which are available and disinfected for use. It is forbidden to reserve hammocks if the person is not making use of them. Each time a hammock is disinfected, a sign will be used to indicate that it is ready for use.

Safe experience: 

A safe distance must be maintained between clients and staff. Wearing masks throughout the

entire working day is mandatory for all staff.

Frequent hand washing.

As far as possible, clients must make any payments at the various points of sale by credit card, or make all charges for their consumption to the room, which will then be paid for on the last day when checking out.


    Security and hygiene 

    • Wash your hands frequently.
    • Take respiratory hygiene precautions when coughing or sneezing by covering your mouth and nose.
    • Adopt the recommended hygiene measures when visiting places such as shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.
    • In case of respiratory infection, avoid contact with more people.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
    • If you are coughing or having difficulty breathing, seek medical attention.
    • Always wear a mask when a safe social distance cannot be maintained.
    • Maintain a social distance of at least 1.5 metres.

      Lift use:

      • Whenever possible, we recommend using the stairs.
      • Please use a hand sanitizer gel before using the lift.
      • Only those in the same group or sharing a room are allowed in the same lift. Otherwise, access is one at a time.
      • Those using the lift should not enter if there are already people inside.
      • Please respect order and safe social distancing while waiting in the queue.
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