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Welcome to the Canary Islands

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are masterpieces of nature: both were declared Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO in 1993 and 2009 respectively. Timanfaya National Park is located in Lanzarote and the island was the first destination worldwide to be certified by Biosphere Responsible Tourism in 2015.

The unique nature of the Canary Islands takes you to another world. Immense volcanic landscapes with caves, lava lakes and craters, golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The colours of the Canary Islands are full of inspiration and energy. The silence, the immensity of the landscapes and the warmth of the sun bring relaxation. These are places to fall in love with.


Sun-crowned, grateful land formed between sea and lava, Lanzarote, the easternmost island of the Canary archipelago. Breathes humility throughout its 845.93 km², it proudly displays the gifts given by the union of a storming sea and a burning sun who decided to witness its emergence.

Destinations - Webs Mirai
Destinations - Webs Mirai

Lanzarote, built together with the warmth of its people, who have carefully carved out the paths in a wounded land that has kept a latent oasis in its interior. An island where the visitor, always welcome, feels an atmosphere full of contrasts, combined with moments of history that take them to the easternmost corner of the archipelago where the passing of time does not make a dent.

Destinations - Webs Mirai

Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen, located in the municipality of Tías, has been called the main tourist area par excellence of the island. Originally derived from a fishing village known as La Tiñosa, the enclave grew from its beginnings in tourism in the 1960s, until it became and laid the foundations for what it offers today.

Its quiet beaches, where visitors can take shelter from the long sunny days, as well as the numerous restaurants, pubs and leisure centers located along its 7km length, make the tourist enclave the perfect choice as a holiday destination.

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Playa Blanca

Located in the south part of the island, Playa Blanca benefits from its tourist prosperity supported by endless virtues, offering a modern accommodation and leisure facility that, together with its great beauty, attracts visitors.

Its immense central avenue has been specially designed and provided with an atmosphere of continuous joy that accompanies the visitor and becomes whispers as he advances on his way towards the most southwestern point of the island, finally gaining immense calm upon his arrival at El Faro de Pechiguera.

Surrounded by volcanic landscapes, colorful with their attractive offering, sun and magical beaches, Playa Blanca offers all those who decide to embrace a warm summer every day of the year.


Fuerteventura, island of the hourglass, where hidden among its deserts, its white dunes stand out as the main attraction for the visitor. Serving as a connection and reflection of the endless sunny days, the wind softens the intense light in a desert countryside, exile for many in the past due to its landscape and apparent solitude, and home for many others due to its warm welcome.

Destinations - Webs Mirai
Destinations - Webs Mirai

Not forgetting that it proudly holds the title of Biosphere Reserve, a history full of pirates, and a pleasant tranquillity today for those seeking to lose themselves in its sandy deserts, or in contrast, a great social life with  shopping and leisure areas in the more touristy enclaves.
Fuerteventura, full of tranquillity, is the home of excellent gastronomy with award-winning cheeses, always in harmony with the sea and its winds.

Destinations - Webs Mirai

Caleta del Fuste

Located in a beautiful and privileged coastal area of ​​Fuerteventura island, the town of Caleta de Fuste is an ideal destination to visit and enjoy the excellence of its always good weather, and in addition to a wide and attractive offer of services with its safe and quiet beaches protected from the open sea, commercial area with a variety of shops and venues, cinema, casino, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, hotels and apartments, sports facilities that include a sports pier and 2 golf courses, bike paths, large walk areas, excursions, etc...

It is located about 8 kilometers south of the Fuerteventura airport and 12 km from the capital of the island, Puerto del Rosario. Its central location also makes it the ideal base for getting to know the rest of the island and offers very good connections with an extensive regular bus service, as well as taxis and rental vehicles. There is no doubt, for many reasons Caleta de Fuste is the best choice.

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Corralejo is one of the main tourist areas of Fuerteventura, located in the extreme north of the island. Its beautiful coast is located in the Corralejo Natural Park, an idyllic place made up of white sand dunes and crystal clear waters.

The old part of the town surrounds the “small dock”, which was used mainly by fishermen from the town until not many years ago. This area of ​​Corralejo has a small and comfortable beach, now surrounded by restaurants and other commercial establishments. In this area you will find the Corralejo Tourist Office.

Shopping centers, amusement parks, restaurants, shops, pubs, discos... Corralejo is one of the tourist towns with the most services and leisure alternatives in Fuerteventura. But without a doubt the greatest charm of Corralejo is its beaches. Alzada, Bajo Negro, Corralejo… kilometers of fine sand beaches where you may relax or practice water sports.

Environmental commitment

Ereza Hotels&Resorts is committed to the environment and supporting responsible tourism to protect these Atlantic gems.

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