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Booking conditions

We are extremely pleased that you are making us part of you new tourist experience, choosing our Ereza Hotels & Resorts as a place of leisure and relaxation. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the following conditions when making a reservation at our properties.

By confirming a reservation at Ereza Hotels & Resorts, a contract between the company and the client is understood as a contract in which the client accepts the security and service policies of each establishment, in addition to the conditions outlined in this section from the moment the reservation is confirmed until the end of the accommodation period.

The services booked are mainly accommodation services. In our hotels, where we offer meal services defined as meals, the client will be able to choose from the following options;

Guests under 18 years of age staying at our hotels must be accompanied by their parents, tutors or adults with the legal age of majority in Spain. The hotel staff may require the relevant documentation identifying the adults as their parents/tutors or authorised persons.

The housing of animals is expressly prohibited in all Ereza Hotels & Resorts properties. The entry of animals into our properties by the client shall entitle Ereza Hotels & Resorts to immediately terminate the contract with the client and terminate the client’s accommodation therein.

The right to use the room and the facilities of the hotel where the client confirms the booking is expressly for the persons indicated in the booking. The entry of non-registered guests by the client shall entitle Ereza Hotels & Resorts to immediately terminate the contract with the client and terminate the accommodation therein.

The value of the stay to be charged is comprised of accommodation in the hotel from the day of arrival from 15:00 until the day of departure at 12:00, including the services of accommodation only or accommodation + board depending on the type of hotel booked.

The services charged as extras in each accommodation are not included in the booking price. The prices of these services are displayed in each hotel and may be charged to your room for payment on the day of departure or, if the client prefers, they may be paid at the time of use.

The right to use the hotel’s room and facilities where the customer confirms the reservation is expressly reserved for the persons indicated in the reservation. For the confirmation of reservations, payment can be made by credit card by telephone, e-mail or through the system where the reservation is created, or in cash directly at the chosen hotel 7 days before the arrival date of the stay. If payment is not confirmed within the specified time, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation if no communication is received from the customer. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation will not be charged if notified 7 days before the date of arrival at the accommodation. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel the reservation within 7 days prior to arrival at the accommodation or if the customer does not show up on the scheduled day of arrival, Ereza Hotels&Resorts will charge for the first night of the stay and the difference in the payment already made will be refunded to the customer.

For those bookings made through third parties such as travel agencies or companies, Ereza Hotels & Resorts is not responsible for the conditions according to which the client confirms the booking with said third parties. Therefore, both the methods of payment and the cancellation conditions will be indicated by the agents or companies with which the client contracts.